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At CGP, we pride ourselves on using the latest state-of-the-art machinery to deliver superior results. We have a wide range of machines from Husqvarna, designed to tackle every job efficiently. Our machinery selection includes models with varying widths, ranging from 530mm to 800mm, ensuring we have the right equipment for any project.

Husqvarna PG 690 RC

One of our featured machines is the Husqvarna PG 690 RC. This remote-controlled floor grinder combines power and compactness, making it capable of passing through a standard door with ease (total width: 26 in / 67 cm). The remote control feature allows operators to manage hoses and cables while grinding, resulting in up to 40% higher productivity. The motorized drive simplifies transportation, adding convenience to the process. The PG 690 RC is the preferred choice for both industrial and commercial grinding jobs. It utilizes a planetary drive system and Husqvarna's improved Dual Drive Technology™, delivering excellent grinding performance. Optional features include adjustable weights for extra grinding pressure and LED lights. This machine is suitable for various applications, including floor preparation, grinding, and polishing. It is also highly effective in conjunction with the Husqvarna Superfloor™ concrete polishing system. Furthermore, the PG 690 is designed with durability in mind, with vital components protected against dust and slurry inside the hermetically sealed grinding head and electrical cabinet.

Husqvarna PG 820

For industrial applications, we offer the Husqvarna PG 820, boasting an impressive 820mm grinding width. This machine is designed to be highly productive, making it an excellent choice for concrete floor grinding and preparation. It utilizes a planetary drive system and Husqvarna's Dual Drive Technology™, ensuring powerful and efficient performance. The PG 820 is versatile and suitable for both wet and dry grinding and polishing applications. It excels in concrete floor repair, preparation, and all types of polishing and grinding tasks. When it comes to polished concrete, the PG 820 is a perfect choice. Additionally, we have smaller machines available such as the PG530 and PG680 for more compact job types. By utilizing these cutting-edge machines from Husqvarna, we ensure that our team at CGP has the tools required to deliver exceptional results across a wide range of projects. With our advanced machinery, we can provide efficient and high-quality concrete grinding, polishing, and floor preparation services, meeting the needs of both industrial and commercial clients.

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