Grind and Seal

What is Grind and Seal


Grind and Seal is where we Grind the Concrete to the desired amount and then apply a surface coating to the floor to protect the concrete. Grind and seal can be used in any application requiring a low maintenance, heavy duty, UV and stain resistant floor. Coatings that can be used are Polyurethane, Acrylic and Epoxy and also come in Matt, Satin, Semi- Gloss and Full Gloss.

CGP Grind and Seal Process

Once your concrete slab has been laid allow 7-28 days to cure. In regards to a new Development, we prefer to Grind the slab before any construction starts therefore we can grind the slab as flat and even throughout. At this stage, we require customer to be on site to approve the amount of exposure they request. If construction has started or it’s an existing house, we would prefer to leave off skirting boards, Joinery off and final coats of Painting are preferred to be done after we are finished, Unless Painting is already completed.


  1. Grind with Coarse 30 Grit to expose amount of Aggregate and Flatness of slab making sure the whole floor is Ground Even and customer is satisfied with amount of exposure.
  2. Grind with Medium 60 Grit to remove 30 grit scratches.
  3. Grind with Fine 120 Grit.
  4. At this stage we then vacuum floor and apply 2-3 Coats of clear Coating with sanding between coats. Coating comes in Full Gloss, Semi- Gloss, Satin, Matt.
  • Also some concrete requires Grouting of the floor where it fills in Holes and Cracks but is upto customer discretion.
  • In regards to recoating the floor this may be required every 6 – 7 Years depending on the traffic.

After this Stage your floor is ready to use. At CGP we use the best Machinery, Diamond tooling, Polishing pads there is on the market as you pay for what you get.

Quality Assurance

  • Concrete to be Ground, Honed and treaded with a surface sealer.
  • Quality machinery, tools and treatment products utilized.
  • Concrete Polished by Husqvarna Certified Applicator.
  • All work is fully insured under a $1 million indemnity and $20 million public liability policy.

Benefits of Grind and Seal Floors

Surface coatings provide an extremely hard wearing surface that enhances the natural appearance of any concrete floor whilst achieving a smooth level film finish.
When installed, treated and maintained correctly, Surface coatings produce a low maintenance allege free floor that improves natural light and is resistant to:

  • Wear
  • Dusting
  • Tyre marking
  • Water, Industrial Chemicals, Oils, Food stains, Greases, Hydraulic fluids, Fuels, Fatty materials
  • Abrasion & Heat
  • Can be tinted
  • Improve natural lighting
  • Allege free


  • Floor coatings take 5-7 days to fully cure.
  • Always keep floor vacuumed and dirt free.
  • Furniture should have protective pads placed under them.
  • Micro fibre mop is best used to keep floor clean and streak free using a low ph cleaner.
  • Spills should be cleaned from surface coatings immediately.

We recommend the re-application of surface coatings every 5 years depending if it is a High traffic area.

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