CGP Concrete Grinding & Polishing Finishes

Types of Flooring

The True Polish
This is where the floor has no surface coating on it and we Polish the Concrete to achieve a shine.

Grind and Seal
Grind and Seal is where we Grind the Concrete to the desired amount and then apply a surface coating to the floor to protect the concrete.

Epoxy Floors
Epoxy flooring is particularly popular in garages and showroom floors due to its strength and resistance to damage.

Level Of Exposure

Full Exposure
Full exposure, this is where the Floor is ground to show maximum amount of aggregate as possible.

Random Exposure
Random Exposure, this is where the floor goes from nil exposure to full exposure of aggregate.

Salt & Pepper
Salt and Pepper, this is when the concrete is ground lightly to expose as least as possible.

Cream Finish
Cream Finish, this is where the floor has nil exposure.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding types of finishes and level of exposure.

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